4K HDR 10-bit BT. 2020 – PQ ST. 2084 Movie Clips

4k hdr movie clips

This section is going to allow people download little clips from our movie transfers in 4K Resolution and VISIONPLUSHDR-1000.


Clips are going to be best watched with MadVR Free Software.

As we have explained on the VISIONPLUS vs Dolby Vision vs HDR10 blog post our movie transfers are graded at more NITS than commercially available HDR.

This means your TV HDR Sets won’t be able to output more than 1200 NITS on HDR10 TV’s. Which results in extremely bright output due to the high nits grading on our videos.

Dolby Vision capable TV’s use restricted metadata to decode the HDR blu-ray movies so this means VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 won’t be properly reproduced in those sets either.


The only way to watch VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 is by using MadVR and our recommended settings we are going to provide for each clip. The same as with the full movies in 1080p.

Keep in mind 4K HDR needs a lot of CPU/GPU Power to playback without freezes.


The clips will be available only for members but won’t require any unlocking. Only 1 time you can download each clip per member to save server bandwidth.


We are going to add a lot of clips for you to download, be patient as this takes a lot of processing time. If you ever want us to release 4K HDR consider supporting us.






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