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83 thoughts on “VIP Exclusive 4K HDR Transfers

  • Ian Smith

    Awesome releases! Really appreciate the educational aspect as well as the fantastic work done to enhance our viewing. Would love the password to indiana jones 🙂

  • Zef Correal


    I paid the VIP fe and appear to be locked out when I try to download. When I send the unlock request I don’t get an e-mail (nothing in my spam folder either). Please assist.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      Yes, we are uploading Rogue One right now and editing this same page. You have donated yesterday at night, we are adding the VIP Status to your username now and unlock your IP, the system auto locks when you try to login with incorrect details.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      Rogue One is a Chroma Subsampling 4:2:2 4K HDR video, your TV is not able to playback via USB in that mode yet. Use MadVR+Lav Filters. We will release Avatar in 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 to cover everybody.

        • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

          Joshua, we have noticed you are trying to download the 1080p old movies, we will make those available again soon, due to the bandwidth and server costs are offline that’s why you can’t. Though we recommend the new movies not those old 1080p linear HDR transfers.

          • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

            Joshua: You are not locked out at tekno3d, in fact your are commenting. The 1080p old releases are hosted at other domain, as those are not available right now as just explained the reason, the system in that domain locks you out as you don’t have access to the movies hosted there. We are going to release Avatar 4K VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 today for the VIP Club members, we really recommend you to download that one instead. The old movies are wrong HDR and 1080p.

          • Stevie Franchise

            thanks I got rogue one only to have it not play on my tv. Then I saw the comments about it possibly not being compatible. I have the Rogue One Blu-ray so I was hoping to do a comparison on my new LG OLED tv

            hopefully the 4:2:0 release will be out soon

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      Hello, Hopefully Avatar will be available on friday or saturday. Had issues with this movie due to blackouts. Only for the VIP’s.

  • Joshua Luna

    I cant believe its goin on day 3 downloading Avatar. Whaaat!!??? Lol!! I have the fastest internet tht Comcast offers too. Lol!!

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      You are not using your VIP username, there is no “Michael” username in the database. Send us an email using the contact form in the VIP Membership page and we check what is your username.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      Hello, are you a VIP Member already? If you are then you can see the passwords and access to the latest transfers. Otherwise you have to become VIP.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      Hello, as explained to other members transferring different versions of the same movie takes time as we also have to transfer other new movies in the middle. Give it time, you can also hire our service privately for transferring specific videos or movies and deliver to you whenever you want. That’s other reason support is needed to be able to transfer more movies in the same time frames.

  • Courtney Henderson

    Hello, The Dr. Stange RAR Unlock is not working, I keep getting an error message that the archive may be broken or the password below the link does not work.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      There is a lot of members already getting the transfer, try using another software to unrar the file. It works perfectly fine.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      We are not a movie downloads website, we provide service to people who hire us. As a VIP / Supporter you are able to download our exclusive transfers to 4K HDR. Doctor Strange is not even available in stores for 4K HDR. As we are not a tracker or movie downloads website the movie is sent to the person who asked the transfer then you also get it. When more people get it completed it become faster.

      If we had powerful internet upload speed it would be faster, but we need more support to be able to upgrade and deliver faster our service. These kind of videos are up to 60GB in size.

          • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

            Doctor Strange video comes with DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track and DTS Core Track in english native language. It works perfectly fine even with old receivers.

          • Joshua Luna

            I hav a sound bar. All of the othr movies wrk fine. Dont understand why this one isnt

          • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

            Like explained, it’s DTS HD Master Audio and DTS Core ( 2 different tracks to choose from ). There’s nothing strange in the audio tracks.

  • Mick Oulia

    Hi, i was just asking if you have already release an 4K HDR version for interstellar? i’ve only find the 1080p page but no link on it. thx

  • graham spall

    Good Morning to all at tekno3d i have just donated via amazon gift card i am very excited to follow your work thank you tango2pints

      • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

        We transfer what people asks us to do within the private service we offer. Our site is meant for video processing. We transfer to our 4K HDR Standard, any video.

        Some people wants movies to be transferred, therefore you see the movies here thanks to the people who asked for the service.

        Pirates of the Caribbean was put in the waiting line since someone wanted us to transfer Interstellar.

  • Manuel peña

    Rogue One playback is impossible from all UHD BD Panasonic players UB900, UB700, UB310), from the Oppo 203 and 205 and from the Sony X800.
    Can you tell me why this movie can not be played on NONE of the players currently on the market.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      Hello, because Rogue One transfer is Chroma subsampling 4:2:2. Currently only Samsung KS series and up can playback via USB Chroma 4:2:2 HEVC.

      Dolby Vision Blu-Rays are announced to be Chroma 4:2:2 as well, so the support from those players should be “upgraded” if that happens.

  • Mick Oulia

    Do you know if you will have the “French” audio track in the LOTR and the Hobbit future transfer? Could be very nice, but don’t worry if not possible, i can watch it with original voice.

    • VISIONPLUS HDR Post author

      Hello, we are going to include a section where you will be able to download different language audio tracks for the transfers. Then you can mux to the MP4 using MKVToolNix in 10 seconds.

  • Steve Godfrey

    I have tried at least 3 other Fifth Element 4K transfers and have to say this one blows them all out of the water. Same goes for Avatar.
    Viewed using Zidoo X9s, HD Fury Integral on a Samsung js9000 60. I would be please at this level of quality even if it was a retail transfer. Looking forward to Hobbit & LOTR.
    Hope you keep them coming.

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