Why HDR TV does not exists, grading is the key

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Why “HDR TV” doesn’t exists



Video Comparison in this same scene.

First shows HDR10 then switches to VISIONPLUSHDR-1000.

At the end of the video also switches to show instant difference.

Same settings for both playbacks.

Difference can be appreciated pretty well in this comparison. You can also see how color expression and gamut is way less in the HDR10 and is because two simple reasons: HDR10 is using DCI as output ( limited palette ) and due to having less nits and lower gamma in the PQ ST 2084 the color expression is weaker.

VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 standard shows native BT.2020 output and higher nits which allows the PQ gamma to expand the color and gamut expression to another level.

Movie details are also higher in VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 thanks to the re grade method used.

HDR Contrast, Deep Blacks and of course the Highlights are also higher quality than the HDR10 counterpart.

Another new advantage: The HDR10 TeamDDR Encode is about 36 GB. The VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 including all the improvements in movie quality will be almost 3 times less size.

Using improved HEVC settings for all coming releases which results in really efficient coding, that’s why HEVC has been created for, right?



TV and movie companies are making the HDR a scam and a trade. People think they buy TV’s HDR. When in fact, any panel up to a monitor can play an HDR video.

They limit the PQ (HDR format) to take long term TVs and sell them as “new” giving the HDR a simple top grading.

Today’s MADVR software can process what HDR10 or Dolby Vision can’t. And is a software. Guess why?

buy hdr tv

Movie Studios and TV manufacturers gets the money, in long term.

VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 today is 10,000 nits in grading so it is currently higher than HDR10 and Dolby Vision. No need for any “HDR TV” since that does not exist. The TVs only have NITS, the HDR is based on contrast, gamut, range and deep blacks, besides the highlights that would come to be the part where the NITS of a TV can give greater luminance.

But hey, the luminance in an HDR video with a TV that outputs more NITS, will also be noticed in the same way in an SDR video. It is understood? The HDR TV does not exist.

A TV with 10,000 nits in peak light will reproduce SDR content 10 times better than a current “HDR” TV of Samsung line up 2016 with peak of 1000 nits.


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