UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X High Nit vs. SDR Blu-Ray – Comparisons

visionplushdr-x vs sdr comparison

In this post we will show different transfers comparing the SDR source against the UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X version.

IMPORTANT: The comparisons are always simulated and meant to show the difference against a SDR output, in a HDR TV the quality will be much higher and deep black levels will be correct.

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Comparison Setup:

  • MPC-HC + MadVR
  • Latest LAV Filter


The difference in the final version grade is the HDR processing does not need to compress the highlights. Therefore, you get a pure highlight and HDR-Effect.
Having the global standard MaxFALL, the HDR effect is the most precise to date without the needing of highlight compression in the HDR processing.


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