UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X Transfers vs. UHD Blu-Ray HDR-10 Disc vs. SDR Disc

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Today we have fine tuned our HDR standard to the point we can manage to outperform any HDR10 Studio Grade.

Our transfers are currently 4000 nit grades in BT. 2020 with DCI-P3 Mapping for most easy TV reproduction.


For the pictures we have used latest MadVR HDR processing in 10-bit output ( Nvidia Cuda ).

The HDR processing involves 500 nit and uncompressed highlights to show how the HDR grade has been performed.

With the uncompressed highlight processing you get to see the full HDR contrast in the desired nit selection ( 500 for this case ).


Thor Ragnarok

thor ragnarok dolby vision uhd hdr

 1080p SDR Blu-Ray Disc:


 UHD HDR Blu-Ray Disc:


 UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X ( 4000 nit grade ) :



Some more scenes.


Using “MadVR Let Decide” HDR processing option ( Similar to VLC 3.0 OpenGL HDR Tonemapping )

 UHD HDR Blu-Ray Disc:


 UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X ( 4000 nit grade ) :


Using “HDR to SDR” again, 500 nit processing option ( Preserve Hue and Uncompressed Highlights )

 UHD HDR Blu-Ray Disc:


 UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X ( 4000 nit grade ) :


Our transfer contains higher HDR “effect” , this mean deeper blacks, higher HDR contrast and more gamut. The images are always an approach to how it will look on HDR TV’s or high nit panels with good black level reproduction.

More screenshot comparison and movies to follow.

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