UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X Transfers vs. UHD Blu-Ray HDR-10 Disc vs. SDR Disc

Today we have fine tuned our HDR standard to the point we can manage to outperform any HDR10 Studio Grade. Our transfers are currently 4000 nit grades in BT. 2020 with DCI-P3 Mapping for most easy TV reproduction.   For the pictures we have used latest MadVR HDR processing in […]

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visionplushdr-x vs sdr comparison

UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X High Nit vs. SDR Blu-Ray – Comparisons

Go to the updated post with Comparisons here: UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X Transfers vs. UHD Blu-Ray HDR-10 Disc vs. SDR Disc In this post we will show different transfers comparing the SDR source against the UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X version. IMPORTANT: The comparisons are always simulated and meant to show the difference against a […]

Why HDR TV does not exists, grading is the key

Why “HDR TV” doesn’t exists   JOHN WICK: Video Comparison in this same scene. First shows HDR10 then switches to VISIONPLUSHDR-1000. At the end of the video also switches to show instant difference. Same settings for both playbacks. Difference can be appreciated pretty well in this comparison. You can also […]

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VISIONPLUS vs Dolby Vision vs HDR10

What’s the difference with VISIONPLUS, Dolby Vision and HDR10 Video? There are some huge differences and benefits VISIONPLUS HDR can offer to the public and we are going to explain it. +Gamut +Contrast +Deep Blacks +Realistic Highlights +More Details   This is the unreleased Skyfall 007 Movie mastered in VISIONPLUSHDR-X. […]

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens 4K HDR Clips Download

DOWNLOAD Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens NATIVE 4K HDR Clips   We are going to release in the following days the 1080p VISIONPLUS HDR version of the movie, though we want you to also be able to watch it in glorious 4K HDR. Currently we don’t have the option […]