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Our Private Community Grants you access to our transfers requested by individuals – UHD VISIONPLUSHDR-X.

Our Members can also download movie clips in UHD HDR-X, Native 4K HDR10 Transfers and TV Series.  [ Third Party ]

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    *TRACKER ENTRANCE* Our Private Community Members are granted with the 4K VISIONPLUSHDR-1000 Transfers. Access to Native 4K HDR10 Transfers. Access to Native 4K HDR TV Series, SDR and 1080p Bluray Untouched Releases. Access to music and movie clips in 4K VISIONPLUSHDR. The membership is for the lifetime, though we need support to continue delivering the service. Consider to donate in the future again and support our work whenever you are able to do it. * PRIVATE TRACKER GOT IT'S OWN RULES, RANKS AND WAYS TO GAIN PROMOTIONS AND BONUS POINTS * * OUR TRACKER WORKS AS ANY OTHER PRIVATE TRACKER * * WHEN YOU HAVE JOINED GO TO THE FORUM AND READ EACH TOPIC * * YOU CAN ALSO TALK WITH OUR MEMBERS 24/7 IN THE CHAT ROOM *