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World’s first SDR to HDR Video Converter Software solution

HDR-X Video Converter © 2024 by TEKNO3D Labs

🎬 Unleash the Vivid World of HDR

🎬 Experience the Future of Video Conversion with HDR-X Video Converter ©

🔥 Elevate Your Visuals:

  • SDR to HDR Transformation: Transform standard videos into stunning HDR masterpieces with enhanced contrast, brightness, and a kaleidoscope of colors.
  • STUDIO 1:1 ProRes HDR Conversion Mode. 10 and 16-bits High Precision SDR to HDR accurate conversion.
  • Advanced Tone Mapping: Our proprietary algorithms ensure a natural, true-to-vision color grading, amplifying visual depth without compromising authenticity.
  • BT.2020 Wide Color Spectrum: Immerse yourself in an expanded color palette for a truly captivating viewing experience.

🚀 Professional Features for Every User:

  • Intuitive Interface: A user-friendly platform that simplifies the conversion process, delivering professional-grade results with ease.
  • Dolby Vision Excellence: Harness the power of Dolby Vision HDR Generation and Dynamic Metadata Generation Suite for content that rivals studio quality.
  • Real-Time Previews: Fine-tune your videos with our Sample Generator, switching HDR Modes on-the-fly for immediate feedback.

🛠️ Built for Flexibility and Quality:

  • Versatile Input Formats: Accepts ProRes, YouTube, MKV, MP4, AVI, and more.
  • Multiple STUDIO HDR Modes: Choose from various HDR conversion modes to match your needs, export in HEVC and AV1 Encoding.
  • Professional Digital Intermediate: Encode and map the HDR first with the SDR to ProResHDR for the best possible HDR quality.
  • Comprehensive HDR Toolkit: From HDR to SDR tonemapping to Dolby Vision RPU injection and advanced A.I. enhancements, our suite is equipped to handle it all.

Join the HDR Movement:

  • No Long-Term Commitment: Dive into the HDR experience with the flexibility of a one-month subscription.
  • Continuous Innovation: Benefit from regular updates and responsive support, keeping your software at the cutting edge.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, a content curator, or a video enthusiast, HDR-X Video Converter © is your portal to a vibrant cinematic universe.

Enhance every scene with vivid detail and let your videos tell their story with unprecedented clarity and color.

🔗 Your journey to unparalleled visual splendor starts here. Get your license today!

Current Version: 1.1.9 Rev1

An example of the features available.

Main Features:

  • Input any SDR video source file ProRes, YouTube, MKV, MP4, AVI, etc.
  • SDR to ProResHDR High Precision 1:1 Studio HDR mapping.
  • 10-bit and 16-bit STUDIO processing modes.
  • 16-bit STUDIO Enhanced
  • Read for Authoring
  • Convert using different HDR mapping output modes with studio quality tonemapping
  • Mastering PQ BT. 2020 Wide Color Gamut HDR Modes (Ready for Dolby Vision Conversion)
  • Threaded Optimized Processes for both CPU and GPU Encoding
  • ProRes HDR Digital Intermediate encoding mode with professional HDR mapping
  • 4444XQ / 4444XQ Optimized Encoding
  • HEVC, AV1, ProRes, DNxHR, HQX+
  • HDR Digital Intermediate to HEVC Deliverable (GPU Encoding)
  • Batch Mode Encoding for SDR to HDR (GPU Encoding)
  • HDR to SDR 1:1 tonemapping (GPU or CPU Encoding)
  • ProRes SDR Encoding
  • Enhanced Sample Generator (Lightning Fast/Instant cut and copy all streams including Dolby Vision/HDR10+ metadata and FLAC audio)
  • Encode Dolby Vision HDR with RPU using GPU
  • Convert Dolby Vision XML to RPU
  • Inject Dolby Vision RPU to any HDR Video File
  • Dolby Vision L5 Active Area automatic measurement
  • Crop and Add Black Bars (automated)
  • Media Player for HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • A.I. Super Resolution Modes (Nvidia GPU)
  • A.I. Denoising (Nvidia GPU)
  • 1000, 2000, 4000 nits for Consumer display and 108 nits for Cinema.
  • Beginners friendly, no need for Digital Intermediate if using the SDR to HDR (GPU Encoding)
  • UHD Blu-Ray Bitrate Profiles
  • Lossless HDR10 output option
  • Streaming and UHD Blu-Ray bitrate modes
  • Logo Watermarks
  • Dolby Vision Suite (Input your created HDR10 file and convert it to Dolby Vision Profile 8 in one single step, fully automated)
  • HDR10+ Profile B with JSON Injection to any HDR video file (Same process, fully automated)
  • Export in HEVC, MKV with original audio track/s or MP4 with Dolby Digital Plus.

Subscription Based Product

The product uses a Subscription License System.

Personal License can only be used in one (1) machine using hardware lock licensing.

Premium and Enterprise licenses can add machines.

Purchase Options (Personal License, for Premium and Enterprise license use the contact form)

*Product License is only for one computer activation and only for Personal use.

Please contact us if you have any more inquiries about how the Conversion tool subscription works.

For commercial/production license purchase inquiries, please use the contact form.

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You can join our community even if you are a beginner and you will receive help from the more advanced colorists.

From the tools and gear to use and how to begin HDR grading with the proper workflows.

You will be able to download HDR transfers done from our team TEKNO3D and by other colorists inside our community.

Any content you will find is only for internal use and can’t be distributed or uploaded anywhere else,

with exceptions of transfers paid by organizations or groups with the rights to upload the content elsewhere.

Proprietary High Dynamic Range Video Conversion Software

Convert your SDR or HDR10 content into the latest HDR technology.

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