HDR-X Video Converter – TEKNO3D Labs Tutorials Learn how to convert a 2160p SDR video to a ProRes 4444XQ Digital Intermediate. AI Mapping used:  [ProRes Enhanced STUDIO AI] BT. 2020 1000 nits HDR – Balanced PQ EOTF [Modern] – Natural Wide Gamut In the world of video production, the leap from Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) to High Dynamic Range (HDR) represents a significant enhancement in visual quality. In this video tutorial, we’ve successfully transformed a 2160p SDR video into an HDR10 ProRes 4444XQ Digital Intermediate, utilizing a cutting-edge AI Enhanced mapping process. This advanced technique involves expanding both the gamma and the color gamut of the original footage to seamlessly fit into the new PQ (Perceptual Quantizer) space. Specifically, the transformation targets a peak brightness of 1000 nits and adheres to the expansive BT.2020 color space. By intelligently adjusting the gamma curve and enhancing the color gamut, the AI mapping…

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