SDR to HDR 200 nits | Rec. 2020

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SDR to HDR10 Rec. 2020 200 nits 3DLut


BT.709 Gamma 2.4 to HDR10 200 nits Rec. 2020 Workflow

It will convert into PQ Space at the same SDR contrast.

This is recommended for advanced colorists, to grade natively from scratch.

It also works for a Dolby Vision 200 nits master.

What do you get with your purchase?

  • The latest version and all the older versions sent to your e-mail (Google Drive Private Folder Access)
  • Up to two 3DLut version updates for free
  • Tutorial on how to use and apply the 3DLut (DaVinci Resolve Studio 18)
  • You are invited to our Internal Community 24/7 chatroom with access to the mastering channel where you can meet colorists, get help and share your work.

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This is completely normal.

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