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Get our latest 3DLuts

We now offer different 3DLuts to save you time when grading in high dynamic range.

Every Lut gives you a more professional look to your HDR workflow.

Ready to be used with Davinci Resolve Studio.

HDR to SDR Tekno3D Lut

With this lut you will be able to reference your HDR grade into a BT. 709 / Gamma 2.4 timeline output.

It’s useful when you need to be sure how your stuff is going to look in standard dynamic range.

This lut will also simulate the YouTube SDR output.

SDR to HDR Tekno3D Lut

Using this lut you will place the SDR content into PQ Rec. 2020 space.

You will be ready to begin the HDR Grade from here.

1000 nit / 4000 nit / 10000 nit

It allows you to use a full rec. 2020 color or a limited DCI-P3.

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